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The Good Girl  
Andrews Living Arts The Good Girl
The New York Times called The Good Girl "a clever examination of sex, longing, memory, gender roles and violence." Written by Emilie Collyer, it's a sci-fi dramedy about a dystopian future where sex between ordinary humans has been banned, so sexbots are called upon to bring humans physical satisfaction. After the title character, a robot, suddenly learns how to cry and becomes more humanlike, a young couple try to exploit this brave new world without being prepared for the consequences. See The Good Girl in Fort Lauderdale when it comes to Andrews Living Arts.
Repo! The Genetic Opera  
The Abyss Theatre Repo! The Genetic Opera
If there is one thing you do not want to be in the future, it's an organ donation recipient. Or so says the cult musical horror film Repo! The Genetic Opera, a delightfully gory dystopian romp in which organ recipients who fail to pay for their hugely inflated bits and pieces are hunted down by a ruthless bounty hunter. How cult is this 2008 splatterpunk gem from the producers of Saw? So cult that the boundary-pushing Abyss Theatre isn't just screening Repo!, they are "shadowcasting" it, which means the film plays on the stage while the actors recreate the scenes live, lip-syncing as their characters and interacting with the audience. There will be blood to be sure, but also costumes (it'll be even more fun if you dress up) and plenty of laughs as Repo! The Genetic Opera offers up the perfect treat for the Halloween season.